Top 5 Ways to Promote a Restaurant and Its Services

Have you ever started to think about opening a restaurant and if you have, have you thought about how you are going to promote it? There are many ways that you can promote the services of your restaurant, including some that are traditional and some that aren’t. You can also choose from digital options, which is the current trend. Make sure that you are spending the money that you have for promoting in an effective manner.

Top 5 Promotion Methods

  1. Socialization – There are plenty of people who love to socialize, which makes this a great way to get the word out. Make sure to get a partner where you can utilize their resources in your promotion. You can bring in large groups of people with this method since everyone loves to talk and hang out.
  2. Coupon – Another good method that you can use, after menu printing Dubai, is giving out coupons to your customers. This method will help to increase the loyalty and frequency of return visits and give the customers a discount, which means they will want to come back.
  3. Birthday Programs – Everyone at some point or another will go out for a meal on their birthday, which means that you should have some sort of program for that. You can give them some sort of special discount or even a free dessert or meal for the birthday individual.


  1. Contests – If you want to keep your customers coming back, then have some contests that you can advertise through roll up banner printing Dubai. There are various games that you can play to let your guests earn prizes, including Menu bingo, Name Day or name the new dish on the menu.
  2. Social Media – Another good way that you can promote your restaurant is through social media. It allows you to post some of your new menu items, specials and more, while having contests and more. Not only that, but you can directly interact with your customers and take care of any complaints.

There are various promotion methods that you should look into based on your needs, including some traditional options as well as more digital style ones. Both of them work and you should make sure to use whatever methods work, including socialization, coupons, birthday programs, contests and social media. All of these will help to drum up more business for your restaurant, which means more profit and more customer references.


Postcards and Menu Cards For Your Customers in Dubai

Postcards are an inexpensive, exclusive, attractive and flexible medium for advertising any product in Dubai. So are the Menu cards for the services offered by the restaurants and caterers. These are brief and precise classified advertisements delivering their messages in front of your current and future customers. These are relatively cheaper than the letters that include the extra cost of an envelope. These cards are very popular with the small and medium size enterprises of Dubai.

  • Postcards different qualities and quantities are available in here at a cheap rate. You may use a colourfully printed or a blank post card to convey the required message about the goods and services that your establishment offers or, plans to offer.

  • Menu cards need not be printed in bulk. One can order smaller number of cards for various items, like soups, salads, main courses and desert; and for the breakfast, lunch, dinner and take away services. One may like to vary the menus for the different days of the week and different seasons of the year. All menus may be provided with saddle or spiral binding.

  • All cards can printed on various kinds of boards and papers, with lamination, glossy, matted, foil and other decorative finish.


We are prepared to make your wishes printed on best quality papers with appropriate designs to make the occasion; a memory to cherish forever.

Postcard Printing and Menu Printing in Dubai

Printing postcards is a non-expensive solution to advertising requirements. They are advertisements in classified formats, which spread the message to the present and potential customers in not many words. It’s extremely affordable since the rate is lower than a letter and an envelope is not required for writing and mailing it.

Postcard printing in Dubai is very much in vogue since you are able to get customized and eye-catching colorful postcards printing services which represent your business in a distinguishing fashion.

To promote your brand it is a very easy and time saving process. Most of such services in Dubai are cost-effective and very suitable for small to medium scale businesses. Most of them also offer complete color or blank back post cards at a nominal price.

Menu printing in Dubai also come with an option of printing the exact number of menus instead of bulk orders as there might be changes in the menu or the price. The digital printing facilities enable printing menus from one copy to many and have them protected with a lamination. A foil in either gold or silver can also be added for that decorative touch.

The print finishes also come with multiple options like lamination in gloss or matte finish and getting to bound them with saddle or spiral stitches. One can also get them printed in different kinds of papers and sizes and the flexibility to make it appropriate for various kinds of tables.

Due to the option of able to print only a minimum number of menu sheets one can experiment creatively with varying sets of menus. For example instead of piling all together and cause inconvenience, separate ones for juices, breakfast and dinner and takeaways too.

Print Arabia is an online express printing service in Dubai who caters to all your printing requirements at a very affordable cost.