Tickets Printing Service and Designing Tips

If you are setting up an event, then you need to have the tickets created and that will be a representation of the event. If the event turns out to be successful, then the ticket might be kept as a memento, which can help it to become a promotion tool later on for your business. You should make sure that you not only choose a great design, but a great printer that can help you to create the perfect ticket and to have it printed with high quality materials.


When it comes to developing the design of your ticket you need to keep a few things in mind. You should ensure that it is the standard size for all tickets, which is 5.5” by 2” with a resolution of 1650 by 600 pixels. This gives you plenty of space to include all of the require details, such as name of the event, date, location, starting time, any important people attending and any contact information. You should also plan any numbering on the tickets and how that can be incorporated into the design.

Expert Help

When you are thinking about the ticket printing Dubai, you should make sure to get any help that you need. If you aren’t good at creating designs, then make sure to get the help of the experts and they can help you to create the perfect look. Don’t leave the design until the last minute because this something that can make or break your event.

tickets prinitng.png

You should use the printing Dubai company, which is PrintArabia. They can not only help you with your ticket needs, but they can also help you with all of the printing requirements. Let them take care of the huge job, while you deal with the planning and putting everything else together to keep your attendees happy.


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