An Insight Into the Printing Dubai Services

Similar to other industries in the UAE the printing industry also is patronized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) in Dubai. Every successful printing company Dubai takes shape during the DIPA or the Dubai International Print Awards function that takes place each year.

printing company.jpg

Here I have listed out a few of the printing services that the Dubai printing press companies offer:

  1. Offset printing – in this printing they use the standard printing process of transmitting full colour images first to the rubber blanket from the plate. This image is then transmitted to the desired printing paper. Magazines, catalogues, brochures, books, stationery and newspapers are printed in this way.
  1. Security printing – this type of printing Dubai companies use when a specific document has to be printed with protection. Those products that fit this printing category include stock exchange bonds, election papers, passports, visa papers, identification cards, lottery tickets, share certificates, cheques, and gift vouchers.
  1. Flexographic printing – as the name mentions, this printing operates with flexible letter press so it can print on various types of surfaces like synthetic items, packing materials, laminated materials, kitchen utensils, wrappers, metallic films and adhesive labels.
  1. Digital printing – this is the latest and the trendiest way of printing. With this type of printing you get commercial print products, architectural products and good quality photos as well as art items.

With this insight you sure will not have any hesitation when you have a printing job on hand and want to entrust it to a reliable printing company in Dubai. They are experts in printing and you can be sure that your work will be completed within the given time frame. No hassles and no worry about the quality of the content. They are just excellent with their job and you can relax about the cost as well. They offer their services according to your budget and suggest to you the type of printing you can get for the budget you have set.


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