Sticker Printings – Their Variations and Purposes

Stickers have been in use for many years now and for various purposes. Sticker printing is one of the most flourished industries in the current times. Stickers could be printed under various types of categories and could be used for varied purposes. It goes without saying that the science or the art of printing stickers have undergone a huge change. A lot many variations and sophistications have been brought into the art of sticker printing. Various Roll up banner printing companies in Dubai are engaging into this specific industry.

Different Types of Stickers:

As there could be different purposes to which stickers could be put to use to, similarly there could be different types of stickers. Following are the few variations of stickers commonly found in the current times:
• Screen Printing: This is the oldest process here we see that a synthetic screen is use for the purpose of transferring of an image to the sticker paper. This is a skill of basic printing and could be executed when the number of stickers to be printed is limited.

• Letterpress Printing: This is a form of relief printing which is done by using a press.
• Flexography: This is a comparatively faster process where larger quantities of stickers are to be produced. This type of printing is used in commercial purposes
• Offset Printing: In this type of printing we see that the image is shifted from a rubber plat to the paper
• Four Colour process: This process could be used to separate colours of the original image into a CMYK format.
• Digital Printing: This is the most advanced and the modern method of printing. It is used for personal or small business purposes.

Various purposes of Stickers:

Following are the different purposes for which the stickers could be put to use:
• Religious
• Informational
• Educational
• Fundraising
• Decorative
• Instructional.

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