Creative and Classical Printing Techniques

Ask any official of the admin department of any organization and he will confirm this. Urgent requirements keep pouring in from the higher ups for very urgent printing jobs to be done on very urgent basis – they want the delivery to be made ‘yesterday’. Printing of all kinds is the most neglected jobs in a commercial organization.

The top level people would want brochures to be readied overnight since the matter could be made ready only this afternoon. The Admin official is at the receiving end and therefore he or she falls back on the Purchase Officer for doing some miracle.

Contemporary printing techniques –

Now, printing techniques today is no longer what it used to be two decades back. Technology has advanced to such an extent that exquisite brochure and other matter printing has become possible at very short notice. The quality of the printed matter is reasonably good and the look and feel of exclusivity is retained without any significant compromise on the quality. When the need is felt for distributing very high quality of printed matter then the time frame has been curtailed drastically though with some extreme efforts.

Yet there are printing classes like die stamping, blind embossed, lithography and plate sinking continue to be quite time consuming and complicated. Apart from the complications the element of experience and expertise of the craftsman is also a matter of concern.

Thus if the printing job is required to be really top quality it needs to be planned and executed with proper care and concern. A very important aspect of any really creative printing work is the stage inspection. While with the advanced techniques of today proof reading may not be relevant but for creative printing which make a style and fashion statement the need for perfection cannot be over stated.

While bosses will continue to demand printing to be done on super urgent priority, the quality of the printing job has some inherent demands of time and examination at all stages of production. Normally, most of the printing is possible to be done on super-fast basis and in UAE there are companies who are very good at their job.

There is a printing company Dubai which can handle real high quality jobs at a very short notice. Jobs of brochure printing Dubai is no longer a difficult proposition since are available online and their rates and delivery schedule is on committed basis.


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